General Information

Our company, Georgiou.Rent,in order to cover any private or professional need, offers 9 seats vans and 5 seats cars for rent.

Our brand new VAN and cars, meet all the specifications for safe and restful journeys for all those passengers that will finally decide to choose our company for their journeys.

Are you going to travel anywhere around, in or even out Greece? Do you represent a Company or even do you want to offer a trip to all your lovable friends or even your family?

Georgiou.Rent, with the professional and also human business structure, will surely offer you, the desirable professional or personal travel program through safety, punctuality and professionalism.

For all the above, you have to choose our company for all the trips you may need. Your choice not only will cover all your needs but also, we are absolutely sure, that through our services, we will be reliant to your trust offering all the necessary safety to all your travel plans.