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Acropolis- Pillars of olives- Panathinaic Stadium- presidential guard change ceremony outside the Greek Parliament, are only some of our special Greek things you will surely have to see in Athens. In our country, where everyone has the chance to visit as a tourist, travelling from abroad or even as someone who already lives in our country but not in the Athens. He/She has also the chance to “feel” the aura of it with colleagues, friends or family.

Visiting the centre of Athens, strolling around Plaka, viewing Argosaronikos from Lycabettus, the highest point of our city, shopping in the local shops or even at the Malls, visiting Piraeus and the picturesque Mikrolimano and Peiraiki are only some of the destinations/ experiences that our company can offer you.

The beauties of Athens, are enriched with magical tours in seasides like Sounio with its Temple of Apollo, the place where the sun meets the endless blue, the Temple of Artemis, the picturesque Laurio with its ancient mines, the Marathon Lake with its barrier where the whole Athens was fed at the previous century time.

Visiting Delphi, Meteora’s monasteries, Argolida with Mycynae, the ancient Theatre of Epidaurus and Naflio, the first capital after the freedom of Greek state, will surely be memorable to you!

Having a sunset, dinner by the sea or even on a terrace viewing Acropolis, drinking your cocktail to one of our favourite night clubs of our country will surely give you to understand also the night feeling of Athens!

To all the above and more, Georgiou.Rent can offer you exquisite memories to some of the historical and beautiful places in Greece giving you also the chance to taste and feel the Greek nightlife in restaurants and bars that you will surely have not ever seen. With or without driver, our company has all the necessary “tools” to create beautiful memories for all visitors from abroad or even Greek people who has the need to explore our country a little bit more!

Georgiou.Rent gives the chance to all those people, Greeks or not, who visit for the first time or re-visit our country, to learn for one more time what is the real meaning of Greece. With our certified tour guide, your partners, friends or family can feel the Greek experience!

Our company has also the ability to plan fixed or tailor-made Athens city tours with certified drivers and tour guides, to plan for you the kind of vacations and tour you have exactly in your minds. Through specific tour packages, in specified time, you can experience a fully safe and informed tour full of memorable images.

We are absolutely sure that even from the first time that you will choose us for your trip, you will have the need to re-visit Greece using our services for your trip. As a company, we are committed to stay focus on doing the best for you, ensuring you that we will offer you not only safe tours but also creating the most memorable experiences for your mind and your soul!

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